I know I’m a bit late to the game on this topic, but if you need a refresher you can always look here. Long story short, a lone employee left OMGPOP (the developers of Draw Something) and refused ZYNGA’s offer and a contract that would make him a load of money. That employee is Shay Pierce, and he has my respect. Zynga is a “game” company in name only. They haven’t created a single original title, instead opting to rip-off other popular titles, paste them onto facebook, and add a microtransaction system. Not only that but their CEO openly admits to using his games to scam people and steal their information.¬†He even seems proud of it. Turning down a $210 million contract to develop your own apps free from the unethical corporate practices of zynga seems inherently noble, and I feel he deserved the cowboy treatment.

If you’re interested I posted a “clean” version (no labels or names) to DeviantArt¬†. I really enjoyed drawing an old west scene and had a lot of fun with the lighting.